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California Goldminer Sourdough

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Goldminer Promise

You cannot rush excellence. That's why every loaf of Goldminer Bread is slow crafted over 24 hours, allowing its delicate tangy flavor to develop naturally. Then baked to perfection, with a golden chewy crust and rich soft interior that your whole family will find irresistible!

For Your Family

Goldminer’s distinctively delicious flavor and hearty texture will enhance pretty much any recipe. Whether savory or sweet, main course or side dish. Try it in your family’s favorites – or take inspiration from our recipes!

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We bake bread the way it should be

  • Traditional sourdough starter
  • 24 hours slow crafted
  • Naturally fermented
  • Free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
  • Proudly Non-GMO Project Verified

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We make sure every loaf has three things:

  • A Golden CrustWe bake our breads longer than what you’ll find in the bread aisle, giving it the unique crust you only get in a bakery.
  • A Tangy TasteOur sponge ferments for a whole day before we even start making the dough, allowing the natural flavors to come together for the approachable, tangy sour you’ve come to expect from Goldminer.
  • A Moist, Chewy InteriorWe give our bread extra time to rise naturally, so that the inside is soft, chewy and so savory.