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California Goldminer Sourdough

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Goldminer Promise

Craftsmanship takes time. Just like Goldminer. Every bite is a salute to authenticity and an unhurried baking tradition you thought was long gone. The result is uniquely tangy and irresistibly chewy, ensuring that your first taste will never be your last...

Legendary Recipes

Step up your game with Goldminer Sourdough. Start here for epic appetizers, decadent desserts and exceptional entrees that are the foundation for truly legendary meals. So dig in and discover easy options to take your meals to the next level.  

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Our Process

Goldminer Sourdough is about taking the time to make sourdough the traditional way…

We slow craft our bread in a day-long process to help ensure every loaf has the perfect crust and chewy inside you expect from bakery bread.

We allow our mother sponge to ferment the dough for a whole day, so that our sourdough develops its signature tangy flavor naturally.  

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We make sure every loaf has three things:

  • A Golden CrustWe bake our breads longer than what you’ll find in the bread aisle, giving it the unique crust you only get in a bakery.
  • A Tangy TasteOur sponge ferments for a whole day before we even start making the dough, allowing the natural flavors to come together for the approachable, tangy sour you’ve come to expect from Goldminer.
  • A Moist, Chewy InteriorWe give our bread extra time to rise naturally, so that the inside is soft, chewy and so savory.